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Even if you are not purchasing a garment I still want to personally thank you for checking out Our website!

I use to weigh 200lbs and one day I said "Enough is Enough". I can't take this anymore! So I made a change. I knew under all that excess weight was this hour glass shape and I had to find out how to bring it out! 

As a woman in such a contradicting world where if you aren't "skinny " your considered "fat"  I know how it is to feel insecure. 

I know its hard to stop eating and buying food and I know the reason why. It makes you happy right? Well thats how I felt too! it was until I told myself that fitting in that dress would make me happy or wearing jeans without pulling them over my belly to give the illusion would make me happy, so I made the change and you can do the same thing but you have to do it for you! 

If your tired of being a Big girl FIX IT! YOU CAN DO IT!  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS Drink lots of h2o, eat smaller portions, and don't eat after 7pm. Slowly make the change and make sure you are doing it for you. 

That Diva is in there honey, those curves are ready to be unleashed and those love handles have to go! MOLD that body to perfection! Be That Bombshell that you were born to be!!!